Is Elon Musk’s vision of humankind becoming a multi-planetary species the next stage in human evolution? Are there aliens “out there” waiting to detect a warp signature or some other indication that we have reached an advanced stage of technological development and are ready to join them in a galactic federation as in Star Trek? Or is reality something completely different?

The development of radio astronomy in the 1930s provided a means of searching for evidence of intelligent life beyond earth. After more than six decades, SETI has yet to detect an extraterrestrial signal of intelligent origin. Over this same period, thousands of UFO sightings were reported. Until recently, the lack of government transparency on UFOs has led many to believe in cover-ups and conspiracies to keep their existence from the public. This seemed to change with the official release of three videos by the US Navy in April 2020, confirming earlier unofficial reports of military pilots encountering unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

In Not of this World, independent researcher Mark Carlotto examines the most compelling UFO cases on record, including the Gulf Breeze sightings, Space Shuttle videos, videos of crop circles and UFOs, Tic Tacs and other UAP, and a UFO over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Dr. Carlotto’s findings that UFOs and UAPs are likely real, appear to defy the laws of physics as currently understood, apparently exceed known aerospace capabilities, and might not be extraterrestrial in origin, suggest that reality may be completely different from what we think it is.