Ongoing Sightings of UAP – Long Island, NY (USA)

In a previous article we presented cellphone evidence showing possible UAP exhibiting unusual flight characteristics in South Texas. An analysis of a video captured last month over Long Island shows UAP that appear to split and merge in a manner similar to that captured in a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) video over Aquadilla, Puerto Rico in 2013.

The video was shot by Richard Jellig on April 19 (below left). A number of bright objects that some believe are Chinese Lanterns first appear, slowing drifting right to left in the video. Less obvious, below these objects, are dark regions that appear, disappear, split, and merge. One possibility is a flock of birds. However the resemblance to a dark object tracked over a considerable distance in the Aquadilla video is uncanny.

A section of Richard’s video extracted from his Facebook post and cropped to show the objects of interest is shown above (above right). The camera motion has been reduced but not completely eliminated using motion stabilization. 

Although the overall motion of the groups of bright and dark object appear to be correlated the behavior of the dark objects is extremely unusual.

Not of this World considers the possibility that some UAP may not be craft in the conventional sense but phenomena that exist in a higher-dimensional space that enter and operate for the period of time we observe it within our 4D spacetime. 

Plot of brightness of dark regions over time showing regions appearing, splitting, merging, and disappearing.

It is possible that the unusual behavior of the dark objects may not be that of parts separating, moving independently, and merging back together, but of parts that are “connected” in a higher dimensional space passing through our space at different times. 

Such a model could explain the sudden motion of a UAP not as sudden changes in position resulting from rapid accelerations and movements from one place to the next (like Vallee’s “hologram with mass”) but as different parts of the same 5D object appearing in different parts of our space at different times.

Although it is only possible to express this idea notionally at this time, hopefully it will lead to new perspectives and directions in UFO/UAP research.

Featured image at top of article courtesy Google Earth/Ray Harryhausen.

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